General Questions

Shipping and Handling

These times vary based on the product. Most of our products will ship within 1 business day and will usually arrive within 3-5 business days. We use multiple shipping services but all products will ship with tracking.

Returns and Refunds

All orders are eligible for returns and refunds within 30 days of receiving the product. In the United States, a prepaid return shipping label will be provided.

All products may be subject to a restocking and cleaning fee depending on the product and the condition in which we receive the return.

Warranty Claims

All Tents have a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Any defects in the tents due to the manufacturing process are covered by this. Please provide a description of the defect of the product as well as photographs in order to expedite this process. Misuse of our products may result in your warranty claim being denied.


We are proud to have partnered with GovX to offer discounts to verified military, veterans, first responders, and more! You can take advantage of these discounts in your cart before checking out.

We have periodic sales to keep an eye out for.

We can offer modest discounts for multiple tent orders, and more substantial discounts for orders of 10 tents or more, with an extended lead time. These discounts will also depend on the model and size of the tent you are interested in. Contact us with the details of the product and quantity you are interested in for more information.

Contacting our Team

Unfortunately, due to the amount of spam calls and emails we have received by publishing our contact information, we have found it necessary to simplify this process by using the Contact form, or simply emailing us at We usually respond within 24 hours.

You may also reach out to us on Instagram.

Payment Processing

All of our payment and checkout options are handled by Shopify and other secure third party vendors who specialize in these processes.

Tent Questions

Overall Footprint

When determining the space necessary to erect one of our tents, a good rule of thumb is that you'll need an area approximately 10 feet larger than the actual size of the tent to have room to extend the guy lines. A 13 foot tent will need 23 feet of space, a 16 foot tent will need 26 feet, a 20 foot tent will need 30 feet of space and so on.

We strongly encourage you to measure the place where you plan to setup the tent before making a purchase.


The tents can definitely be set up on platforms! We've listed a few considerations below.

First you will need to secure the base of the tent with something in place of the base stakes. Screws or threaded hooks can work well in place of the base stakes. You can also drill holes through the platform and push the stakes through those. The base stakes can bend much more easily than the guy line stakes so be careful not to bend them when using this method.

Second, depending on the height of the platform the guy lines might not be long enough to reach the ground to properly secure them. The tents come with 30 guy lines. 12 are 10 feet long and 18 are 8 feet long. An easy solution would be to tie the end of the guy line to some more rope to give it more length, or replace the included rope with something longer. Currently we do not offer any longer guy lines, but the rope can be sourced at most big box hardware stores or online. Another solution would be to build the platform about 5 feet longer all around, and screw some hooks into the platform in place of the stakes.

We recommend planning out where the guy lines would have to go to properly secure the tent, as there will be long strands of rope all around the tent creating a tripping hazard and make the rest of the platform difficult to move around on.

At this time we do not offer plans to build platforms for our tents.

Tent Materials

The main body of all of the tents we offer is 300GSM 900D PU-Coated Oxford Fabric. We prefer Oxford to Canvas as it doesn't require nearly as much maintenance, nor does it require "weathering" to retain its waterproof characteristics unlike Canvas.

Oxford fabric is made from woven polyester fibers with a polyurethane coating. The "900D" refers to the fabric's denier, which is a measurement of the thickness and weight of the fibers used in the fabric. A higher denier number indicates a heavier, more durable fabric. In this case, the 900 denier signifies a relatively strong and heavy fabric. In the case of our tents, the fabric is made from polyester, as it has good resistance to abrasion, UV radiation, and mildew. The "PU-coated" part refers to the application of polyurethane (PU) coating on the fabric. This coating enhances the fabric's water resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions. The PU coating also adds an extra layer of durability, helping to protect the fabric from wear and tear.

The groundsheet for all of our tents is made from 500G Flame Retardant PVC that is extremely durable and entirely waterproof.

Wood Burning Stoves

You can use a wood burning stove in all of our tents, but the Astral is the only tent that we offer with a built in stove jack. The rest of our tents will require modification of the walls or ceiling to accommodate a stove jack. These kits can be found readily available for purchase on websites like Amazon.

Regarding the Astral, please note that the reinforced vent hole for a stove is 26" from the floor so the stove would have to be a little bit shorter than that to allow adequate and safe ventilation of the stove. We DO NOT recommend attempting to run stove ducting downward in order to reach the vent hole as this can impede ventilation resulting in carbon monoxide build-up within the tent as well as excessive heat within the duct resulting in possible damage to the tent.

We strongly recommend placing a wood burning stove at least 12 inches away from the walls of the tent as the back of these stoves can get very hot when in use.

Always place the wood burning stove on a suitable fire blanket, have a fire extinguisher on hand, and a carbon monoxide alarm installed somewhere inside of the tent for safe operation.

Due to the vast disparities in quality we've found when testing these stoves, our warranty may not cover any damage to your tent due to improper use of your stove.

Please be responsible when using wood burning stoves inside your tent. Safety should always be your number one priority.